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Do your mens suits set YOU apart from the rest of the pack? Well, that depends on you being on top of your SUIT GAME! Accomplishing that task though, is nowhere near easy!

If that were the case everyone would be stylin' hard, and well dressed gentlemen in suits would not carry the social impact that they do today.

We have all heard the saying that, "women love a man in uniform."

Well, fortunately for you and I, the man who wears confidence and swagger, along with the perfectly coordinated quality mens suit, is wearing the uniform of the regal and distinguished gentleman.

In the business world, the way we carry ourselves, or our "swagger," can leave an untouchable impression on others. When we truly dress for success in a powerful business suit, instead of just "putting on a suit," others pick up on our attention to detail, our savvy and our adaptability, before we even speak a word.

The well dressed man gets the GIRL, the JOB and the RESPECT of his contemporaries.

Fortunately, for wealthy celebrities, they have the money to hire stylists (and many, if not most of them do). They hire someone to keep them in the know, and dressed cooler than a polar bear's toenails.

That's the reason why they turn womens heads and are admired by other men.


Well, that is where we at SUIT-SWAGGER.COM, step in... We have traveled the world, From Paris, France to Toronto, Ontario in Canada. From New York City, to Dublin, Ireland along with countless other cities and lands. All the while gathering mens fashions tips, studying different styles and purchasing mens clothing and jewelry.

And one thing stands true...even in the Style and "Swagger" Capitals of the world, some men just seem to have "IT", but most simply don't. Well too bad and so sad for them! All of this research has been done for you, to give you the ULTIMATE EDGE, the second you enter any room, especially when dressed in a quality mens suit.


You might end up calling the cops on yourself! We break the whole process down for you. Step by step, in order to piece together the best mens suits and fashion for you, you will learn: Mens suits

  • The Basics: We aim to help you sift through the noise. To get a firm grip on what's the latest and smoothest in mens suits, mens clothing, and the large selection of men's shoes that are available.
    • Sizes
    • Styles
    • Fabrics- Wool, linen, silk & the rest.
    • How to tie a tie
  • Dress For Your Body Type: It's simply a matter of basic rules of thumb, and it is critical for looking your best.
  • "Wear" Your Confidence: Confidence breeds success, develop your swagger and presence, in most ANY quality suit for men.
  • Give The Suits You Already Own Life Again: Think your GO-TO men's suits are past their prime? Not so fast...
  • Customs Suits: You will fall in love with your custom made suit. To the surprise of many, you can get a mens tailored suit for less than you think!
  • Master Your Accessories: Details, details, details men! Rockin' the smoothest cufflinks, french-cuffed dress shirts, jewelry, textured ties, etc. Is a must when wearing quality mens suits. Anything less would be uncivilized.

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