Austin Reed Suits

Austin Reed suits are a way to get English fashion style without breaking the bank. While British brands are usually known as an expensive way to go, these go for much less in most cases.

They have a long history in men's clothing, having first started business at the turn of the 20th century. Even today, the name carries a lot of weight in London and their stores are very popular.

At first I was surprised to see that many of their styles go for under $200. They are known as a middle tier maker in most men's stores, but their prices are more toward the budget end. It definitely makes them a good value.

Typically of English brands, they have a conservative line of colors, mostly blues, blacks, and greys. They also offer both 2 and 3 button varieties as well.

You might think that a British maker may mean big prices, but consider these as a solid performer at a budget price.