Baroni Suits

Baroni suits are a nice looking brand and one of the better off the rack setups you can get.  There can definitely be some nuances in the size. For the price though, you’ll have a hard time getting a combination of the quality fabric and craftsmanship.  Unfortuneatly, the Baroni label apparently has been discontinued.  If you are looking for the same type, check out the Daniele brand.  It’s a similar quality suit made by the same maker.

Although it sounds like a knockoff name, and perhaps it is trying to cash in on the Brioni name, its actually surprisingly good quality for a product that ‘s only available on eBay and online resources.

Some wearers have found that the armholes are a little on the large size, so it might look a little weird if you have to raise your arms up.  You may also need to go a little bit smaller on the sizes to get the best fit, especially on the jacket in the chest area.

They have a little slimmer design than the typical US style but its pretty subtle.  You’ll still see a lot of the boxy look though.  Its still best for an athletic or tall build.

There were a couple of cuts available.  A basic 2 button, a 2 button with higher button placement, and a three button.  They have a nice sharp looking peak label design which can give off the same vibe as a more expensive Oxxford or Corneliani, without the huge prices.

Many men’s style gurus really like this brand but they are hard to come by.  You won’t be able to head down to your local retail store and pick one up.  You may be able to find a nice used version on eBay if you search.   At $250, the value was hard to beat.  However, they are off the rack meaning that you’ll need to get some alterations done, so budget in a few bucks for that.  Still, for under $300 it’s a good deal.