Cashmere Suits

Cashmere suits are a definite exotic way to add some swagger to your wardrobe.  There are definitely some things you’ll want to consider about clothes with this fabric.

The great thing about cashmere is the feel…it definitely feels great and gets a lot of that touch-feely quality.  Its not a bad thing to have women touching you repeatedly and rubbing your clothes!

Some things to keep in mind about cashmere.  It is definitely expensive….if you’re expecting to grab an off the rack suit from a basic department store for $200, think again.  Its expensive to purchase for manufacturers and somewhat hard to work with for tailors, so you’ll definitely pay a premium.  Basic suitmakers usually don’t even go into this fabric but high-end labels like Corneliani and Oxxford will do it.

It also can tend to wear out more easily than your standard wool suits.  Its really a result of the finer threads, but understand that you don’t really want to make these a daily wearer type office workhorse suit. Overtime, the suits will often tend to drape and lose their shape.  You may also see some creasing on the jacket and bunching on the elbows and joints.  Conversely, you’ll also sometimes find that the pants will have some problems keeping a crease.  Some of this may be due to poorer quality fabrics though, so check up on that before you buy.  Foreign made mass-produced fibers will tend to run down quicker.

A wool/cashmere blend can be a good way to go.  You get some of the durability of wool with the softness and texture of cashmere.  If you do go with a blend, make sure that you are getting at least 5% cashmere in there.  Less than that, you’ll really not feel the difference, but you’ll have an additional price premium.