Disco Suit

The disco suit is a old-school vintage wear thats great .... for costume parties!

Men were wearing these all through the 70s but it wasn't until Saturday Night Fever came out in 1977 that they became all the rage, at least for a few years! Its become popular for Halloween or for throwback 70s parties.

Its similar to a leisure suit but had a lot more flair to it. The outfit in Saturday Night Fever was actually a three-piece that was custom made for the production. We all remember the flashy white and chains that Travolta rocked. Polyester is also a key component. Yes, its uncomfortable and hot but that's how they rolled back then. Look also at the white vest and flashy black shirt with the huge collar. The bigger the better for the collar. No tie is needed for this, it doesn't go well with the big collar and its just going to get in the way on the dance floor. Look for a good thick pair of leather black or dark grey shoes with big heels so you can cut it up on the dance floor.

Be sure to wear everything loose and a little "hung out". Remember, the Tony Manero character was a rebel!

Many costume stores will have these for sale around halloween, but if you find a good thrift store you could easily find something for a couple of bucks. Any old three piece will do with some flashy chains. Although, it wouldn't be something you'd want to wear regularly! Be sure to go shopping early as anything 70s gets picked over quickly.