DKNY Suits

DKNY suits are another edgy American brand with a more urban and younger appeal.

The DK stands for Donna Karan and was first started in the late 1980s. Now it is part of Louis Vuitton. Some guys might be concerned about a women designer but she has been known to deliver quality suit cuts.

They don't have a deep selection of suits. Their mainstay is the Essential 2-button slim fit. They come in a variety of darker colors from black to grey. Watch out for the materials. Some styles are wool only but some are a wool/polyester blend. You can check the label for this. Unfortunately, many of their manufacturing has been outsourced so the fabric material quality can vary greatly.

These are more of a nightlife style than a conservative, button-down office fashion statement. Its definitely a slimmer fit so its better for a slim or athletic cut guy. You can get these at DK's retail shops or most major department stores. The top designs retail for about $500 or so, but are frequently on sale.