Etro Suits

Etro suits are a definitely interesting look.  If you’re looking for something off the beaten path, its not a bad choice to add a little spice to your wardrobe.

Many people or style gurus would call these fashion suits.  They’re designed to look trendy, but they may not be in style in a couple years.  It’s definitely a style that won’t work for everybody though.  They are cut to a thinner fit.  A slimmer, more athletic guy would fit in well.  An older, less trim guy probably will want to stay away from these.

Because of the more edgy designs, I recommend that you try a couple on in a shop.  The fit can be hard to gauge online.  In addition, their sizes have been known to run a little small, so you may need to make an adjustment for that.

The fabric quality is, for the most part, fairly mediocre.  Again, they’re not selling on long-term suit quality, but rather a fashion forward design.  That said, it’s on par with most of the other designer suits on the market.  The build quality is a little hit or miss. Some of their styles are at least partially canvassed, so they may fit and hang nice.You can find them in the basic greys and navy blues but it also has a more expanded color palette if you want to test those waters a little bit!

At retail price, like most designer suits, it’s somewhat overpriced.  Wait for the sales at the Etro retail outlets, where the prices can get down into the $200s.  Some of the older models can have significant discounts, but the problem is you may be getting a suit that’s no longer trendy.

They outsource most of their production to some generic Italian manufacturers, such as Boglioli or Lardini.  Expect fused construction throughout the suit.