Fake Diamond Rings...Good or Bad?

In the last 15 years or so, fake diamond rings have become more and more popular. But are they right for you? In many case the answer may be YES! Because of the affordability factor, many have found that fake diamonds fit the bill(pun intended.)

Sometimes you only need accent jewelry for a party or some special occasion, in these circumstances a faux diamond is all that you may need to get by. They also give you a certain peace of mind because you don't have to be overly worried about losing the fake jewel.

Wealthy entertainers have been wearing fake diamonds for years in everyday situations. Generally, this is because people usually assume that what the wealthy are wearing is authentic anyway. If you'd like proof, take a look at the "Celebrity Spotlight" page at Ziamond.comtest for yourself. But the point is still the same. How do you know a fake or real diamond? The truth is, most people usually cannot tell the difference unless they are really paying great attention to it and you. So to help YOU know the difference, lets get a bit technical, shall we? Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit.

The two primary materials used to make fake diamonds are cubic zirconium and moissanite.

Moissanite A.K.A chemical silicon carbide, has only been used to produce fake diamonds since the late 1990's. A moissanite gem will probably cost you more than a fake diamond ring made of cubic zirconium of proportional size. Because even though being fairly new on scene, moissanite is known to make better imitation rings than it's counterpart.

Cubic zirconium (or CZ) has a very white and sparkly appearance and is extremely hard by nature, it was only natural that jewelers started looking at CZ with a view toward using it in making fake diamond rings. CZ has the longest tenure for faux use. It originates from a crystalline element named zirconium. In the 1970's Soviet scientists discovered a way to produce CZ worthy of being set as fake diamonds in jewelry, the first ones hit the market in the west in 1976. It's also a fact that Russia is known for producing some of the finest real diamonds in the world as well.

But Engaged With A Fake Diamond Ring? NO SIR!

Be sure about this though, no stone in a fake diamond ring can truly match the actual precious gem it is attempting to look like. Some do come close enough that it would be difficult to tell the difference between the two without a jeweler's loupe and formal training. But if that ring is on a man's fiance's finger, IT WILL BE HIGHLY SCRUTINIZED.

A lady's friends and family are going to be glued to that thing like sweet on sugar, so as you can see, fake diamonds can definitely serve a purpose in costume jewelry and the like, but if you are a guy looking to make the woman of your dreams yours forever, it would be a very wise decision to go with a genuine precious diamond ring for her. Especially when it's as easy as bidding your own price for brand new jewelry at an auction.