Flannel Suit

A Flannel suit can give off the look of being a little bit of an old-timer…if done wrong.  I think it can be a good way to add some winter variety in your wardrobe.  Sometimes you might want to look a little bit older, so its not a bad way to go.

This look seems to be more popular overseas in Britain.  The English really like their flannel!   In the US its definitely not as popular, except on the East Coast.  The Northeast area in particular has its fans there, with the cold winters!

While most guys like a solid color, or subtle herringbone, this look does have its backers.  Some will argue that it hangs better than other fabric styles.  I’m not convinced on that but it tends to drape as nice as basic wool in my opinion.  As a cold weather fashion, the double breasted design is popular with it and can help eliminate an extra coat on those cool but not quite cold days.  Be careful with a three piece setup as it can get a little bit warm, especially indoors.  You can get them in different weights, so if you are concerned about warmth know that over 13oz. will be a heavier combo.  If you are looking for something lighter check for something in the 9 to 11 oz. range.

It can look dated if you miss the boat on the accessories, or don’t have things properly fitted.

A note on care:  ideally you should be sure to rotate these.  In fact, an extra day or two between wearings can help to air them out more as they can tend to get stuffy as a winter fabric.  They can also tend to wear a little faster than other fabrics.  It’s not a good choice for a first suit, even for a cooler climate.  Stick with a wool or blend and look to add flannel as a winter option.

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