Haspel Suits

Haspel suits have been long known in the southern United States as a seersucker centered brand. However, they've branched out into other styles lately.

They were first formed after the turn of the century in Louisiana. The hot climate forced Joseph Haspel to work almost exclusively in seersucker, which could handle the heat. Their popularity grew from the south to the rest of the US. It even worked its way into presidential and celebrity wardrobes by the middle of the century. Cary Grant, FDR, and Harry Truman were all known to wear them. Gregory Peck wore one in the Southern classic movie "To Kill a Mockingbird".

Since then Haspel has lost a little bit of its cache to become more of a budget seersucker line, although they have gotten into wool and other fabrics as they've tried to expand. They are still a known brand in the South.

You can find them mainly in department stores. Macy's and Mark Shale both carry them. They do offer a good deal with most of the their styles coming in at under $200.