Jack Victor Suits

Jack Victor suits come from one of the few big Canadian menswear makers. They are a big family business and have been in the industry since 1913.

They are based out of Montreal, Quebec and are one of the most well-known men's clothing manufacturers in the north.

I've seen a lot of mixed reviews with this brand. Some men think that even at under $200 its not a good deal and should be avoided. Others say these are solid "starter" suits and have good quality fabric for the price.

They use what is called a "semi-traditional" construction (their words). This seems to be kind of a half-canvassed and half-fused design, with canvassing in the chest area. They seem to be very well done and should last a while. The rest of the fabric seems to be well-made as well, in my opinion. They produce mostly wool models, but have a few linen designs tucked in as well. They are based in Canada so its not exactly summer suit area!

They tend to run a little full sized so you will probably need to get some nips and tucks especially on the jacket if you are buying off the rack. The arm holes can also run low so be on the lookout for that.

Their pinstripe model as a decent reputation as a power suit look. Try to get it in a three-piece for a bigger effect!

They are definitely hard to find in mainstream retail stores, at least in the US. Filene's Basement and occasionally, Off Fifth, will have a select choice every once in a while. You'll see these retail for $600-$800 but definitely wait for the heavy discounts.