Joseph Abboud Suits

Joseph Abboud suits are an American brand that is a recent addition to men's fashion.

This maker doesn't have the storied history of say, a Brooks Brothers, having only been in business since the mid-eighties. This is a big brand on the East Coast, especially the Boston area. Nomar Garciaparra and Tom Brokaw are big customers.

They have a somewhat conservative look, fine for work or business. If you're looking for a little more flash, consider a DKNY or Kenneth Cole.

Like most American brands, there are several model lines. There are been a lot of legal wranglings about the use of the name. Its important to know that both the Abboud by Joeseph Abboud and JOE by Joseph Abboud are cheaper knockoffs that are best avoided. The new fashions are now being marketed under the Jaz label.

You can often find these suits around $500 at most retailers, but I would wait until they are in the $200-$300 range before picking on of these up.