Mens Vests - Do it right!

For some, mens vests are an important fashion accessory and it is easy to see why. This particular garment is extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion and the individual’s mood. It is quite easy to pull off a relaxed look with a mens vest and jeans. The same is true for those wanting something more formal. Below, we will discuss how a guy can wear a mens suit vest both casually and formally.


Mens suit vests worn in a casual way have come back in style. Fashion is cyclical and pieces come in and out of style. While vests have seemingly always been worn formally, there were times when wearing a mens vest casually was cool and times when it was not. Right now is one of those times when it is. Men looking to be trendy should know how to best pull this look off so that it looks cool and not like they are trying too hard.

Even some of the most fashion forward men have issues with wearing vests. This is not because they are unattractive garments but often because the guy has no idea how to properly wear one, apart from a suit and/or a tuxedo. Wearing a vest casually is a bit of a different animal and those men who have never done it are often a little gun shy. Fortunately, it is pretty easy to pull off. With the right jeans, a men’s vest can be made to look really cool and casual.

One very attractive way to wear one is to pair it with a V-neck T-shirt, preferably one white in color. A mens vest in a pinstripe style would make an especially cool combination but almost any cool looking design will do. For those looking for a dressier but still casual look, adding a tie and pairing the entire ensemble with dark colored jeans can be quite fashionable.


Mens suit vests are quite commonly worn for formal occasions. They are often paired with tuxedos and even some suits. If the event is a formal one and requires a date, many men will make sure that their vests match their date’s dress. This is a fun way to coordinate outfits and for the duo to establish the fact that they are a couple, at least for that particular night. Weddings are another occasion that individuals wear vests, usually with a tuxedo. Both the groom and the groomsmen will typically wear them.

They have always been in style because they are commonly worn during formal events and occasions. However, they are becoming more in vogue for informal wear. Men are pairing them with jeans for a chic look. When it is done correctly, it looks great.

A relaxed, coordinated look is best. Over-the-top styles and accessories can make this look a no-go. “Less is more” is a much better approach. Playing around with different combinations is an easy and effective way to figure out what looks good and what does not.