Moss Suits

Moss suits are a big brand in the UK, but not really found in the United States. They are very popular and could be worth a look to add to your wardrobe.

They have a long history in English men’s clothing, dating back to the mid 19th century. They helped outfit the British Army in World War I. Today they have a reputation as a hipper, general men’s clothing store, but not as youth orientated as Topmans for example. They are known as more of a classic suit style with some contemporary designs.

They’ve started to expand into bespoke wear. I don’t think anyone will be confusing them for a real Savile Row suitmaker, but it may be worth doing a price comparison. They also have a very popular hire business as well, especially for weddings and other events.

For a while there was a lot of confusion as to what kind of fabrics and manufacturers actually made their suits. Some said they used Zegna or Piana fabric while maintaining the manufacture in-house. Other models were said to have been outsourced to other suitmakers like Canali or Hugo Boss. Their Savoy Taylors guild does use Zegna and Piana source material, but it is still fused suitwear. They are styled nicely but are a little pricey at up to 400 pounds, although there are very frequent sales. To further confuse matters, Moss does carry some models direct from Zegna, Ben Sherman, Pierre Cardin and others.

As stated, at the moment they’re only available in the UK under a few different store names including Moss, Moss Bros, the aforementioned Savoy Tailors and their factory stores. The Moss Bros. brand is more of the formal wear brand, including morning suits. Savoy tends to use a mix of fabrics, while Moss itself is the mainstream brand.