Nautica Suits

When I think of Nautica suits I think more of their boatwear, but they actually have a decent selection of menswear as well.

They've been in business since the early 1980s and have a great reputation for nice casual men's clothing. Their chinos and more casual shirts are great. The whole brand and style was originally meant to be geared around boating and yachts, that type of thing. In the later part of the 90s they started to branch out into more of the dressier menswear categories.

Their lines and styles are all fused and so you won't see the nice canvassed look of some of the Italian makers. They are probably along the lines of a Perry Ellis in terms of quality. They also tend to run a little wide in terms of sizes, so if you are looking for a nice tight slim athletic cut they may not be the best option. I've found their jackets to be bigger sized in particular. They offer a wide array of fabrics though, even a seersucker option. They also offer a lot of suit separates, more than a lot of other manufacturers. They even have some child and young boy's styles available.

They are a little more conservative in terms of colors as well, with mostly navy, blacks and greys. I have seen some tan mixed in too. You probably won't find the neon or loud pastels with them though!

Although Macy's does carry these your best bet for a good deal is at a bargain store, such as TJ Maxx or Marshall's. These are often heavily discounted there and can be had for under $200 in some cases. Other places such as overstock may have discontinued models for under $150.