Oxxford Suits

Oxxford suits (yes there are two XXs) are generally considered one of America's finest off-the-rack suit manufacturers, if not the best. Style afficiandos will debate you for sure, but they are definitely high-class swagger.

They've been around since 1916 but even today they are not well-known in mainstream fashion. To me, they have been somewhat of a hidden gem. In the 1930s and 40s, a long list of distinguished gentlemen rocked this brand, from Cary Grant to Joe DiMaggio. These days, they are favored more by top business executives and politicians, including ex-Illinois governor Rod Blagoevich

For quality, they have few peers. They've been compared favorably to Canali, arguably the top-line Italian maker.

If there is a knock against them, its that their fashion lineup is conservative. They have kind of a bigger, boxy American cut. The shoulders will be a little bit wider, and lapels a little bigger than an Itallan cut. Although, in the last few years they have tried to move to more of an Italian look. The new 1220 line released in 2011 is supposedly geared more toward a younger crowd. The Oxxford Highest Quality label will be the more traditional offering, with styles starting at $4,000 a pop. The 1220 is cheaper, but will still set you back $3000 or so.

Only a few handpicked men's wear stores carry these. There is a main store on 5th Avenue in New York, as well as the main factory in Chicago. On the West Coast, Wilkes Bashford in San Francisco is a dealer as well.