Pierre Cardin Suits

Pierre Cardin suits mix the best of French and Italian fashion into a nice looking European design.

Pierre Cardin is one of the most influential fashion designers in the world. In fact, he was recently named one of the most recognized Frenchmen in the world. His designs really hit the pinnacle in the 1960s and 1970s. The Beatles, for example, were frequently photographed in his threads. They are still a good brand, probably a notch down from a Yves St. Laurent, but they are not quite back at the echelon they were before. They probably over expanded to too many discount stores.

That said, the suits still have a nice European style and they are quite a bargain, especially when compared to a Yves St. Laurent or other top French names. You can find discounters with these suits under $200, which I think is a steal. Their wool blends are nice and lightweight so they are easier for a summer wear. Its not the fashion leader its once was but its still has some style to it!