Pocket Square

A nice pocket square is an accessory that’s often overlooked with a suit.  Done right, they can definitely add some swagger to the mix.

A pocket square is basically a handkerchief like accessory that is tucked into the front breast pocket on your suit.  In Britain, carrying these was the common occurrence back in the 1800s.  The world was a little dirtier then and men were used to carrying around more accessories.  Over time, they went out of fashion, and in the US really started to fade out after the 60s.  A few afficianado wore them in the 80s and 90s.  It was really the appearance of Mad Men that brought them back into popular culture.  It’s a nice way to add some flair and style to a suit, especially a more conservative color like grey or navy.

A couple basic colors are fine to start your collection.  A simple white hue is a good start.  Try to get it in linen or cotton. Silk’s OK but might not wear as well.  It’s also not as nice if you actually want to use it! You don’t want to match the color of the tie though.  Some nice combinations include a white with a grey suit.  Light blue is also nice, as is white with colored borders.  Generally, it’s best not to be too in your face with the color.

Another nice thing is that by carrying a couple different styles and colors, you can easily change the look of your suit.  This is a great thing if you are traveling and need to look like you’ve got a big wardrobe but don’t want to carry a bunch of different suits.

The fold is something to think about.  There’s whole schools of thought devoted to the art of folding handkerchiefs.  The TV fold is a good basic beginner method, as is the one point.