Ralph Lauren Suits

Ralph Lauren suits are a household name in America. We'll give you the details on all of the labels and styles they have.

Since the 1970s they have been a force in the men's fashion industry. They have a very classic fit but they do offer quite a few styles and fabric options.

Trying to wade through all of the different labels and lines they offer can be a mess. In addition, in recent years RL has outsourced quite a bit of manufacturing. Here's a list of all of the different lines.

Purple Label - The top of the line. You may be able to find a few of these used but the stores seem to be pushing a made-to-measure style.

Black Label - These are manufactured in Italy by Caruso. Very nice cuts that blend Italian and American looks. Not as nice as the Purple and may be fused. However, the "Anthony" models are fully canvassed in many cases.

Ralph Ralph Lauren - Mostly made in Italy by Caruso.

Polo (Blue Label) - Its claimed that Corneliani is the actual manufacturer for these. They are fused in most cases, so not as nice as the Purple or Black labels. It is fairly high quality construction. If you find suits that are the Signature line, those may be canvassed and very nice.

Lauren by Ralph Lauren - This is more of a mediocre quality label. Can be found in many discount department stores. This would be similar to a Calvin Klein or Kenneth Cole type quality.

Chaps - Even lesser quality than Lauren.

Confused yet? The point is if you are looking at a used or new RL suit, check out the label and do some research as to what type you are getting. Prices can go from $200 for a Chaps style up to $2000 and up for a Purple label or MTM setup.