Samuelsohn Suits

Samuelsohn suits come from a Canadian manufacturer, but are easily on par with some of the best Italian and American suitmakers.  They fly a little bit under the radar but they’re a great choice for a high quality suit.

In 2010, the Grano Retail group ended up buying out the brothers.  It was intended that they would aggressively market the brand and, potentially, lower the price.  They are pretty expensive at close to $2000 a pop, but they’ve been lowered a bit in the last few seasons.  I’ve heard of some guys lucking out into a new suit at only $600.  For a fully canvassed suit that’s a big bargain.

Hopefully they do start distributing them in more places in the US, as these are nice suits.  On the East coast they’ve been compared to Southwick, or even a little bit nicer.  They are fully canvassed and have very high quality fabrics, up to Super 150s.  They are pretty widespread in Canada and pop up in a couple areas on the East Coast.  Harry Rosen has a nice selection as does the Bay.  Take a close looks at the Bay selection, as the rumor was that they were only half canvassed at one point.  They do partner with Paul Stuart as well so you might see some Samuelsohn designs there.

They are canvassed but some style snobs might argue that some of the Italian makers, such as Isaia or Corneliani, have better detail, especially around the collar.  It’s a nice look and if you can afford it, would be an outstanding interview or office suit, especially if you’re in a more conservative area.  They also have some nice plaid and pinstripe designs to add a little spark to things.  They have a nice selection of your standard two and three button styles.