Sean John Suit

The Sean John suit is helping music mogul P.Diddy prove to be a heavy weight in the fashion world. While many people concern themselves with things like, "who is worth more money, Jay-z or Diddy?" The man formerly known as Puffy is keeping them counting by selling many, many mens suits and other clothes. The Sean John Clothing company is over a decade old, as it was established in 1998 and has continued to expand greatly year after year. This clothier grows more popular for good reason.

Style Breakdown

These high fashion suits definitely an urban flair. They give off the impression of a man who has come to do business and doesn't have time to play games. Perfectly suitable no matter if you are in Rome, Italy or in your local neighborhood.


This company offers a wide range of nice color arrangements for every man. The dark navy blue suits with thin white pinstripes are awesomely colored and styled suits.

Materials Profile

Concerning suit fabrics, you will find many 100% wool suits on the higher end of the line. At the lower end you find many wool, polyester and rayon blends in different proportion depending on the suit.

Price Info

The cost of these mens suits are relatively low for the value received. Most of the garments range from $200 to $575 retail. Your majority of choices will hit at around the $300 mark. Very affordable and fashionable.

In Summary

While not an elite level suit like Brioni suits or Armani, they offer a lower price tag and a very recognizable and respected brand. These suits are definitely a good look for many a well-dressed man.