Southwick Suits

Southwick suits are a nice low-key brand that really should be considered for your closet.  It’s not as famous as some other names but it has nice quality.

For many years they were an independent maker, but in 2009 they were purchased by Brooks Brothers, after 80 years as a standalone.  They were originally founded by a couple of Italians but they later folded their operations into a British named company, hence the name. They're very big in the New England areaBehind the scenes now, they supposedly make many of Brooks’ suits, so you may already be wearing one if you bought one in the last few years.

They are especially known for their excellent durability.  They don’t have the typical American padded shoulders, but are more subtle.  They also have very nice stitching quality, and they do have canvassed jackets, although some of them are only partly canvassed.  You may also see this as mezzo di mezzo construction.

Its rumored that these are a favorite of Sen. John Kerry.  Maybe he doesn’t have the most swagger of all the guys in the Senate, but he still looks decently put together.  I think people started getting interested because he often looks like he wears the same suits over and over.  I guess he really likes them!

Sierra Trading Post often offers these for cheap prices, under $600 or so.  You may want to look closely at the offerings as they may be slightly different than the store models.  Although the quality seems to be up to par with the regular styles, its worth examining.  You may also be able to find some odd sized Southwicks at Filene’s Basement as well, although obviously its hit or miss there.  If you’re buying direct from a store or MTM you are probably looking at $600-$900.  For the quality of construction and tailoring, its very reasonably priced.