Stacy Adams Suits

Stacy Adams suits are a way to add some urban swagger to your wardrobe.

They are an old-school American menswear company, founded in Massachusetts in the late 1870s. Throughout the early part of the century they were one of the leaders of the zoot look, and many of their shoe designs still reflect that. They definitely add a lot of flash! They are really better known for their shoes but they have been pushing into other men's clothing lines pretty hard.

Lots of famous men have rolled in their wear for years, across music and movies. Tom Waits famously sang about the brand in one of his songs in 1976. You probably heard their name dropped in the Snoop Dogg song of the same name. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis also have rolled with their shoes. Recently, MMA fighter Kimbo Slice rocked a jacket. Today they have a line of fashion that is endorsed by Los Lonely Boys. Even Justin Bieber wore Stacy Adams on ABC for an interview. They have quite a bit of celebrity swagger.

They have a wide variety of styles that are available, from the zoot look to double breasted to 3 piece. They also use quite a bit of linen if that is your look. They have a rainbow of colors to choose from as well. This is definitely not a conservative brand for the office though. Its best worn when you want to make a statement.

Their prices are quite reasonable, with many of their styles priced under $200. $300 seems to be the high level. Keep in mind that these are more nightlife suits and not great for long-term business wear. While their shoes are fairly easy to find, their other menswear is a little bit tougher. A search on their website can help out with this.