Stafford Suits

Stafford suits are one of the main brands seen at JC Penney’s.  Its had its ups and downs but seems to be decent for basic office wear.

Stafford seems to be the “house” brand for JC Penney.  The manufacturing methods and quality of these have definitely varied over the years.  They’ve had them outsourced to other suit makers at some points.  For example in the 1990s, Hart Schaffner Marx used to make them and they were an excellent value.  They were half canvassed and wore quite well.  They have three main lines: Classic, Regular, and Executive.  The quality and price goes up along those same lines.

Now most of the line is manufactured overseas, and will be your standard fused style men’s fashion without a whole lot of frills.  You’ll get a pretty basic wool that should fit well for most seasons.  They are definitely priced to be on the low-end of the men’s fashion spectrum.  They’re fine for a first interview or office suit.  A few years back JC Penney would have sales for The Classics at under $100 a pop!  I think they’re a solid value, they tend to be durable and drape decently for most body types..  Its supposedly worn by more closet millionaire’s than any other suit!

The Travelers suit styles are a good bet.  They’re not really fancy, but they’re nice for traveling and moving around.  They keep a good appearance over time without fading and are wrinkle resistant to boot.  A basic setup will cost you well under $200. Recently, they’ve had an Executive line and were made and sewn in Italy.  These are obviously a nicer step up from the standard brand. 

This is comparable to a Macy’s house brand, but might be a little more conservative than that and more appropriate to the office.