Stetson Hats Are One Of The World's Most Popular Hats Styles...Why?

The name "Stetson" is almost synonymous with cowboy hat. Stetson hats have long been associated with rugged American style. It is said that John B. Stetson created this popular style of hat just joking around.

According to legend, Mr.Stetson created the hat on a hunting trip while showing his buddies that he could make cloth out of beaver fur. He produced a big piece of beaver fur felt, repeatedly boiling and kneading it, then cooling and drying the natural materials until it formed a soft, thick, waterproof material.

He made the hat very big and from felt that he had obtained from his excursion, and wore it for the rest of the trip. It is said that John Stetson quickly began to grow fond of the hat because of its ability to shield him from the rough weather. You can imagine that these hats would have to be great in that regard because of the style in which they are constructed, it just makes sense! The Stetson hat had a wide brim, a high crown that assisted in keeping an insulating pocket of air above his head, and he also was able to use it to carry water.

It is said that as their travels went on, an unknown cowboy saw Mr.Stetson and his unusual hat, rode up on his horse, tried the hat on himself, and bought the Stetson hat for five dollars worth of gold, and galloped off with the very first of a long line of great hats on his head. And how appropriate that he received gold for the hat, because that is what they have become in a sense to many, many loyal cowboy hat wearers. PURE GOLD! Within ten years these stylish Stetson hats had become synonymous with the word "hat," in all of western culture. They we're often referred to as "ten-gallon hats" because cowboys could often carry large amounts of water in them.

The Stetson Hat Brand In The 21st Century And Beyond...

After John passed away in 1906. His son, G. Henry, successfully ran his dad's company . The John B. Stetson Company continued in business in Philadelphia until 1970, and the original plant finally closed in 1971.

But regardless, these iconic hats, and the long legacy of quality live on. Hatco of Texas, makers of Resistol and Charlie One Horse hats, acquired the rights to the Stetson hats brand.

Even today, this fine company continues making felt Stetson cowboys hats at a factory in St. Joseph, Missouri, strictly following the authentic Stetson hat formula, making their own hat bodies from animal fur that they select and buy, implementing strict quality control, and bringing these great hats to market with a sales force dedicated exclusively to the historical brand.

To this very day, the Stetson continues to sell at a rate of millions per year. No wonder the name remains, for many people, synonymous with the Western hat.

If you are considering purchasing a Snowden Crushable Airway Panama Straw type, we we are sure that you will enjoy the feeling of donning such an authentic cowboy hat. Many fellas who buy a Stetson say it's their favorite hat by far! So we hope that yours serve you just as well!