Steve Harvey Suits

Steve Harvey suits are the brainchild of the wildly successful actor/comedian/radio personaility. This King of Comedy has long set a high standard in fashionable and stylish dress on the stage. From Steve's head to his toes, he stays as the saying goes "clean"! Wisely he took his admired style and turn it into a clothing line for all of us to enjoy.

Style Breakdown

This line of mens suits are defined by their over-sized lapels and unique slimming swatches. You will often find some really cool and unique stitching patterns around the lapels and such to really give the suit a distinct look!

As a whole these mens suits teeter between the borders of flashy and classy, with some suits crossing the border into blatantly flashy and others landing firmly in the territory of pure class. Many come accompanied with a matching vest.

Mr. Harvey's line of suits are complimented by an array of accessories, within this stylish clothing line you will find colorful neckties, hats, dress shoes, cufflinks and other jewelry to accent your look.


As far as colors are concerned, you will find a great selection of colors to choose from! Beautiful cream colors, taupes, burgandys and other sometimes hard to find color schemes and patterns. Some of the colors schemes are not for the shy guy to be sure, but this line does come with a demure selection of dark blues, blacks, grays, charcoals and browns as well.

Materials Profile

As far as suit fabrics are concerned, you will find that they offer many suits made of wool and and some linen too. Super 120's Merino wool seems to be a staple in this line of suits.

Price Info

For the stylish flair and value that Steve Harvey suits give you, they are also priced reasonably. Most of the suits range from $250 to $599 retail, they can mostly be found in-person at Burlington Coat Factory, JCPenney and K&G Mens Center. Ofcourse you can always get them at low cost online as well.

In Summary

Steve Harvey suits exude confidence and swagger to be sure. The beautiful stitchings and style designs add a certain uumph to a man's wardrobe. These suits are constructed well with good, solid suit materials and are considered a good buy for the price.