Suit Care

Suit care is an important thing to consider. Buying a top quality suit is like making an investment, you’ll want to make it last.

Hanging – This is probably the most common and biggest tip.  You should always hang your suit properly when not in use.  Get nice hangers with wood that will help the jacket keep its shape.  If the suit is not going to be used for a while, consider a suit bag.  These can help protect against sun and moths as well.  Make sure to hang your pants properly to preserve the crease.

Dry Cleaning – This should be done as infrequently as possible.  Consider doing this only when there is a big stain or other issues.  Dry cleaning can remove stains but other than that is very hard on your suit, with chemicals and very high temperatures.  It also can cost a bit, and takes your clothes out of action while you wait.  Spot clean your garments when you need to instead.

Rotation – Its usually a good idea to rotate your suits.  Try to avoid wearing them two days in a row.  They should be given time to hang and air out.  Too much walking around, sitting, and moving around without a good hanging can stretch and wrinkle the fabric.  It also shows you have a little variety in your style!  Try to buy a couple of suits to allow for this.

Pressing – The pants especially can be in need of pressing, especially after a busy day at the office.  A dedicated presser can be a good idea to keep them looking fresh and creased.  Some hotels offer this.

Steaming – Using an iron can be hit or miss.  Generally, this is OK for cotton, but not so for wool.  Cotton can also be hung in the shower to help remove some wrinkles.

There are some nuances depending on the type of fabric you are dealing with.  Linen, for example, can wrinkle easily.  Some additional steaming might be necessary, especially when traveling.