Suit Storage

Proper suit storage is key for making sure your fashion investment keeps its value. There's no point in spending a lot of dough and then having it get ruined from not having it stored properly.

Sometimes you just want to keep your seasonal wear out of the way when seasons change. Othertimes, you may be out of town for a while and want to keep your valuable style safe. There's some key things to consider.

Cleaning: You should clean and brush down everything before storing. Get the stains, fur, and lint off now before they can set in.

Location: In general, a dark spot is a best bet. Light tends to damage most things over time, cloth even more so. A dark black, grey, or navy can easily fade if kept in a sunny area for a period. There should be a rack or pole to allow hanging. Rolling or folding can prevent the fabrics from breathing and get a musty smell, not to mention wrinkles and odd creases.

Humidity: Too much moisture in the air can cause mold. Be careful about a musty basement or cellar that can flood or get "steamy"

Moths: These are a common threat for clothes, and will attack suits at will too. Consider some moth balls in the area to keep them out. Cedar hangers can also help.

Consider a suit bag as a good long term container for your clothes. A proper bag will protect from sunlight, moths, and other issues but allow fabrics to hang and breath.

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