Suit Valet

A suit valet can be a handy way to keep your clothes looking fresh and tight.  It can also be a nice time-saver as well.

It’s a good way to keep your garments aired out and hung without sticking them in a closet, which may be a little mustier and hot.  Having your next day wear ready to go will make sure they are in prime shape.  It’s also usually easier to work with a lint brush instead of sticking your head in the closet, where its dark and cramped.  A roller version has the advantage of being able to be rolled right over to your iron or pressing area, which is nice if you have it built into the wall for example.

You’ll find these in several different versions.  Some look like a basic chair with a hanger built into the back for the pants and jacket, sometimes with an area for socks and shoe care items as well.  This is really just a more stylish way to have your suit out for the next day.  Others are more functional, with hangar, tie rack, shoe rack, and areas for the wallet, keys and everything else.  These can be handier, as you can put all of the stuff you’ll need all in one place.  Perfect for guys who might hit the snooze button a couple times and tend to forget things in the morning!

If you’ve got a couple extra dollars to spend you can pick up two and have one for next days wear and one to let the current days suit breath.  Seems a little excessive to me but, if you have the means and the space, no reason not to.

They can tend to run a couple hundred bucks a piece if you are buying new and getting a quality build.  Look for a nice hardwood like mahogany.  It will be more durable.  The wood is also better for the fabric.  You can get a cheaper plastic version, but understand that it will be more susceptible to breakage.   It can be worth looking into a used version, especially if it’s something that you don’t use very often.