Tayion Suits

Tayion suits are a brand that's relatively new in the fashion world, but has quickly become popular.

The original founder, Montee Holland, only started his company in 2003. Besides suits, they have a wide array of flashy menswear. Since winning the approval of Steve Harvey the brand took off after just a couple of short years. The T-Fusion line was introduced in 2006 as a more widespread available line, and in 2011 the company looked to introducing more casual clothes. However, I haven't seen too much in terms of what they'll be doing yet.

They are characterized by their flashy nature. They offer a ton of rarely found color and style combinations. No problem showing swagger with these styles! They're probably not the best for the office, but for a nice club, its a good bet. The prices, at least at retail, can seem quite high, going up to $3000 in some places. You should be able to wrangle a discount though, as huge markdowns of up to 80% are not uncommon.

Lots of celebrities have been seen with the Tayion label, besides just Steve Harvey. Morris Chestnut and NBA basketball analyst Kenny Smith have both rolled in their suits to big-time events. They've also been featured in several movies, including some recent Tyler Perry releases.

These are definitely tough to find. Most mainstream department stores don't seem to carry them, and they don't have their own retail outlets. They do have a store locator on their website so that's a good start.