Ted Baker Suits

Ted Baker suits are from an up and coming Scottish menswear designer.

Compared to some the Savile Row makers this company is relatively new. They were founded in the late 1980s but have grown very popular in a short amount of time. They have expanded rapidly from Glasgow to the rest of the UK, the Americas and the Far East.

You may remember this store being shown in the 007 movie Casino Royale, although Daniel Craig did not wear their suits. He was wearing Brioni and Tom Ford, which is a little bit more stylish than these guys.

They have a mix of characteristics from conservative English looks, but they do add some flair. You'll get one-button cuffs, and stripes on suits that look jagged to give things an edgier look. They are geared toward a younger crowd. They have also been considered a poorer man's version of Paul Smith.

You'll see a mainline Ted Baker line and the Endurance line, although at some point in the near past there was a Global label as well. The Endurance styles are generally regarded as lesser quality to the main line. The main line is nice but still fused in most cases. Stitching and fabrics are OK with your standard selections of worsted wools. At one point, they also made special fashions for Nordstrom exclusively and they are heavily featured there.

Prices for these can vary and go all over the map. The Nordstrom and mainline models can go from $600-$1000 retail. The Endurance can start around $400-$600. These will often be very heavily discounted, especially at the department store level. Look to get mainline designs from $300-$500 and Endurance between $200-$300 with those discount.