Tom Ford Suits

Tom Ford suits are one of the select choices for filmmakers to deck out Daniel Craig, the latest James Bond. If that doesn't say swagger then I don't know what does!

They provided over 300 suits for the Quantum of Solace production. Daniel Craig's look was a combination of American and Italian styles, with a lot of single-breasted looks. He was a fan of the traditional navy colors with white dress shirts.

Other Hollywood stars have been seen in these as well. Jake Gyllenhaal has rolled in one for his recent movie premiere for Prince of Persia and also for Source Code, again in a dark navy look. Bradley Cooper also has been spotted with their suit bags as well. For red carpet events, celebs seem to favor the dark greys and navys. Even the designer himself decks out in neutrals for the most part.

Although Hollywood stars have been conservative with their look, his designs can get quite snazzy. He's even been known to mix some pink and red into the mix.

He's a relatively new entry in men's fashion. For years he was the top designer at Gucci and took that brand from the unknown to a powerhouse fashion house. In 2004, Tom Ford created his own label and things have taken off from there. The sunglasses line is also very popular as well.

What will one of these high-class fashion statements set you back? Models that resemble the designs from the movie will run from about $3000 and up. Yes you need to be a superspy to afford one!