Tommy Hilfiger Suit

The Tommy Hilfiger suit have had their ups and downs but is a decent mid-range suit.

They were first founded in the mid-1980s and a big run for the next 20 years. In the 1990s and early 2000s it was very big in the urban market, as it focused on loud, colorful clothing. The business and dress menswear part wasn't as fully developed.

In contrast to the casual line, the dress menswear was much more conservative. The H label used to be the upscale brand but has since been discontinued. I was surprised to learn that the company has been sold so Hilfiger himself is no longer involved. They still have a more athletic cut, with it geared toward men with big chest and shoulders. You'll find a decent mix of available fabrics, although it is mostly wool although there have been some linen thrown in their. They even have a sharkskin finish style now. Most of their styles are 3-button but you'll also find some two button mixed in.

They used to offer fully canvassed high class styles a few years back. Those went for about $1000 or so. Now you can easily find them for much less, in the $200-$400 ranges. I wouldn't pay full retail for these though. Men's Wearhouse has them retail for $480, which is much too high. I would consider them a notch below a Polo or a Calvin Klein.

Macy's is now really the main department store that carries Hilfiger suits, although Men's Wearhouse as started carrying them as well. You may be able to find some in Hilfiger outlet stores though.