Van Heusen Suits

Van Heusen suits are a lesser known maker but they are making strides to expand. They were known more in the past for their shirts.

I've owned many of their work shirts in the past and they have been functional. Not a lot of flash but there is a reason they are the top selling men's business shirt. Recently, they have expanded into suits. You can expect the same kind of no-nonsense look for those. I've found that they are tougher to find in American stores. JCPenney has some availability but they are not exactly known for their menswear. In Australia they are available at the Myer stores.

They also make a reasonable priced line of boy's suits. At less than $60, its a pretty good deal for a setup they might wear once or twice before they grow out of it.

Their styles are pretty basic, with colors available in navy, black, and greys. You'll find both 2-button and 3-button styles. Again, fairly conservative. They use Super 100s wool almost exclusively it seems. I have noticed that their styles have gotten a little more athletic with a focus on the "active" guy. You probably won't see it on the Hollywood red carpet anytime soon, but its not totally stiff as far as design.

One innovation they have had recently is with their Performa fabric technology, released just last year. Its touted as wrinkle resistant, stain resistant, and breathable. It claims to use nano-technology and super twist fabrics. I haven't tried it myself but it sounds like a good option if you need a business look but work in a hot or fairly dirty location.