Volcom Suits

Volcom suits come from a company known more for their fashions for snowboarders and skateboarders rather than men's fashion. Their self-described focus is on artists and athletes. Its definitely an interesting brand.

They have a couple different styles but all of them could be classified as more edgy or alternative rather than conservative. They are definitely geared toward a younger audience so they may be a good choice for a teenager or young male. They are definitely a little more flashy with their brand name on the jacket and on the pants.

Perhaps since many of their customers aren't traditional menswear buyers, they don't even use traditional suit sizes, but SM-XXL. This can make sizing tough. The jackets especially can be limiting in the shoulders even with a properly sized pants, so you may need to consider different sizes for that.

The Dapper line is known for a slimmer fit overall. They are a polyester and rayon blend so its not the highest quality fabric, but they are reasonably priced. The Stone line is better for bigger guys, with the XL easily fitting guys above 6'3".

While its probably not a good choice for the boardroom, they might be a good choice for that rebellious teenager who needs a suit but doesn't want to totally "sell out"!