Zanetti Suits

Zanetti suits are a brand with a little bit of a strange background.  They’ve been sold and manufactured all over the world and have ended up manufacturing a lot of familiar brands that you might see in your local department stores.

While they are based out of LA, all of their manufacturing was originally based out of Italy.  As such, they have a feel of Italian cuts, and often use Italian manufacturer cloths.  However, its not the super high quality Isaia or other premium cloth.  In recent years, they’ve moved production over to the Pacific Rim.  As a result the quality seems to be going done a little bit.  Department store labels like Geoffrey Beane are often rebadged Zanetti makes.  They have a couple different lines including Classics, Elements, Extrema, and Sport.  Elements is generally a cheaper version while Extrema is the more higher priced line usually going for $100 -$200 more a piece.  In any case, most of the lines are, at retail price, extremely overpriced.

That said, they also have some nice shirts as well that could be considered for part of your wardrobe.  They have some nice quality cloth, especially for the Classics brand.  They also have a pretty wide selection of color, including yellows and taupe.  They also have the basic, conservative colors and styles as well.

In the late 1990s they often would use fabrics from Zegna, although they were the poorer variety.  At one point in the early 2000s, they were even available at Costco.  The quality of the years has been hit or miss for sure.  If you can find a decent fitting two piece for under $200, its not a bad deal.  Just understand that they are a designer that’s going to be pushing their bottom line, so quality may take a back seat.