Zoot Suit - Make a Statement!

The zoot suit is one way to make sure you stand out at your next affair, whether it’s a dance, a party or even your wedding. If you’re looking to take the traditional suit to a whole new level, revisiting this classic design could be the way to go. And there are many suit rental shops out there which offer a wide range of colors and patterns, so the choices are almost endless.

First made popular in the 1940’s, these suits became the symbol of hip, cutting edge style. With its wide legs and tight cuffs and a long jacket topped with exaggerated shoulders and wide lapels, this design created a unique and recognizable silhouette.

In recent years the zoot has made somewhat of a comeback. Always popular in the movies, it gained even more ground with the younger generations as swing dancing experienced a rebirth. Suddenly guys were gathering at swing clubs to recreate the 40’s dance craze and bringing back the fashions to complete the look.

Picking up on this craze, tuxedo rental shops have begun offering zoot suit rentals in a variety of colors and patterns, generally the bolder the better. For the man who likes to think outside the box, this is the perfect option for adding your own personal touch to a night on the town or even a formal affair.

If you want a special look for your wedding, why not consider outfitting your groomsmen in a zoot suit rental? It’s a fun, funky way to bring added flair to your big day. These fashion suits are also making a big impression at proms and formal dances for the young man who wants to stand out from the crowd. Though they are generally exaggerated, you can opt for more traditional colors and a sleeker look to take the looks up a notch.

And with a wide variety of rental options available online, choosing your suit is easier than ever. There are rental shops in almost every locale and most will work with you to make sure that you end up with exactly the look you want at a reasonable price. Comparison shopping has never been easier and that makes rental a snap.

In fact, most shops are so eager to meet their customers’ needs that they’ll offer to tailor your suit to fit you better. And many shops even offer a range of accessories to complete the look, including shoes, hats ties and the crowning piece, the long watch chain.

If you’re bored with the idea of a traditional suit and want to add some life to your wardrobe, why not consider renting a zoot suit for you next affair? It’s guaranteed to get you noticed and make people smile. Bring a little 1940’s hip to your life with the unique look of a zoot suit. It’s the perfect way to show your hep cat style!