Burberry Suits - English Swagger

Burberry suits have been a symbol of British style for years. The company was established way back in the 1850s but is still going strong today. They are definitely one of the most well known European men's fashion companies.

This English brand has pushed itself to the top of luxury labels with its high quality. Many people know them from their trademark trench coats. They also do quite well with their men's fashion as well. They feature excellent super 100 wool and so they are an ideal choice for cold climates. They are available in a variety of cuts and both two and three button choices.

This label has been notorious for having "knockoffs" or imitators so be wary if a store or seller is offering a big discount on these. A new authentic one will set you back about $1000 to $1200 a piece at retail so keep that in mind. Its well worth the price though.