Mens Leather Jackets - Played Out?

In somewhat of a backlash from society, mens leather jackets, mens leather motorcycle jackets, and the mens lined leather jacket have come under a bit of fire from the fashion elite as of late. Well with that being the case why are they still being worn?

It is really simple, opinions change, and they lean left and right, back and forth all the time, but true style and fashion always shines through. As a matter of fact some styles are truly timeless. No, none of us are walking around trying to look and act like "The Fonz", but they look tough and rugged or smooth and suave depending on the style you select and what you are wearing with it. How many items of clothing do you know that have such flexibility?

This will probably always be a great look, many times it simple depends on the person wearing it! That is one of the main reason we have built this awesome and informative mens style advice website.

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