Peter Jackson Suits

Peter Jackson suits are from the land down under. They are one of the more popular Australian menswear makers. His story is quite interesting.

This is one of the oldest Aussie design houses, having been founded in 1953 after getting a good look at the men's clothing operations in London. It was a success, and many Australian celebrities were fans of the line. In the 70s, the business floundered somewhat, but was re-energized in the early 1990s until his death in 2008. The men's wear line still continues and there are still many stores left in Australia catering to general fashion.

With the London clothing background, Peter Jackson suits often had a lot of the same characteristics. They have a very conservative, corporate appearance. Over the years though, he added a little bit of flair so they're not quite as stuffy as some of the English counterparts. They are known for their high quality wool. They tend to hold their shape and fit well over the years, and are a good middle of the road choice.