How to Properly Wear a Seersucker Suit

A seersucker suit is perfect for the summer and spring seasons. It’s light and airy, making it ideal for these times of the year. Seersucker is a thin fabric made from cotton. It generally has a checkered or striped pattern. Garments made from this material have a bumpy texture because of how they are woven. Thread gathers together in certain places and the result is bumpy and wrinkled looking fabric. This wrinkling is actually of great benefit to the wearer because it helps pull the fabric away from the body, which aids in air selection and keeping the wearer cool. The natural wrinkling also makes handling and taking care of the garment easier. There is no need to iron it. For those individuals who would much rather keep ironing to a minimum, this is the perfect fabric.

All types of clothes are made from seersucker, with the seersucker suit being amongst the most common. Other garments commonly made from this fabric include shirts and shorts. Seersucker comes in a variety of colors. However, most often, designers use white and blue, along with stripes for a decorative touch.

Men who like this material will often get plenty of use out of this style during the summer. As stated before, it is cool fabric so it’s the perfect option for those hot, muggy summers. It also holds up to sweat and muggy weather.

In order to get the most out of a seersucker mens suit, it is important to accessorize it properly. The shirt worn under the suit should match one of the stripes in the suit. For example, if a man is wearing a cream and white striped seersucker, the shirt should be one of these colors. The fabric of the shirt needs to be a high quality cotton or linen. Point, spread and tab collared shirts also go well. A patterned tie is perhaps the best way to finish off the look.

When considering what type of footwear to wear with a such a suit, the best options are brown or black lace ups. White bucks are a popular option as well. Wing tips, cap-toe and plain toes are all excellent choices. If a leather belt is worn, it needs to match the shoes in hue or color.

A seersucker mens suit is the perfect choice for those summer and spring occasions when dressing up is necessary. A good looking setup will look quite classy and fashionable. It’s a great choice for hot, humid and muggy climates because the weave of the suit pulls it away from the skin, allowing for good air circulation. Any guy looking for a way to stay cool but still look chick and fashionable, may want to consider a seersucker suit.

Properly accessorizing a seersucker suit is incredibly important. When the accessories are chosen and worn correctly, a guy can look like a million bucks and because he will look it, chances are he will feel it as well.

At one time a staple for southern men, these fine suits are now being worn by men from all over the United States and rightfully so. A great looking seersucker suit is a great looking suit, no matter where it is worn.