Learn how to tie a pratt knot (aka shelby knot) with these simple instructions.

Pratt Knot (aka Shelby Knot)

The Pratt Knot was the first new knot reported to the American Neckwear Association in 50 years. The Pratt Knot is tidy and fairly wide, yet not as wide as the Windsor Knot. What's interesting about this knot is that you start with the tie from inside out.

tie a pratt knot step6
1. Start with the tie inside out, The wide end "A" under the narrow end "B".

tie a pratt knot step1
2. Take wide end "A" over and under narrow end "B".

tie a pratt knot step2
3. Pull the loop down and tighten.

tie a pratt knot step3
4. Take wide end "A" over to the left.

tie a pratt knot step4

5. Pull wide end "A" up, behind the loop.

tie a pratt knot step5
6. Bring wide end "A" through the knot and gently tighten. The tip of "A" should touch.

  • When untying a tie never just pull the narrow end out. Simply follow the directions in reverse.